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Early 2013, after growing frustrated finding a solution to host Corp & Alliance IT needs (without giving out sensitive information to unknown parties), I decided to sit down, learn Linux and get a fully functional Web Server up and running.

I’ve tied together all the resources you need to run a corp or alliance IT infastructure. Forums, Teamspeak, Email, API Auth. etc.

I then realized that I wasn’t the only person out there with similar needs, so I created EVEServers.info as a service to any corp or alliance who could use a pre-built, fully functional IT infrastructure that can be fully setup in a few hours by someone who has at least some level of experience in IT.

You DO NOT need to be a Linux or Web Admin Guru to get this running. With my help, it will be functional in a few hours and a vast majority of the things needed done are GUI based (or easily to follow instructions to do via command line).